Scope Data Teaser

This is a teaser video I did for my company, Initial State. I directed, shot, edited and produced the soundtrack for this video.

Street Corner Symphony - The Evolution of Country Music

This was such a fun project. I ran the camera and lighting for this amazing team effort lead by Jeremy Lister.

Full Credits:

Arranged by: Street Corner Symphony 
Audio Engineer: Lucas Morton
Audio Produced and Edited by: Jonathan Lister
Directed by: Jeremy Lister
Assistant Director: Dycee Wildman
Director of Photography: Jeff Loucks
Props: Sarah Saturday, Jeremy Lister, Kurt Zimmerman, Kaleb Jones, Stella Kyzer
Stage Hands: David Deverell, John Burnette, Amanda Fields, Hansell Smith, Mary Coleman, Phoebe Claggett, Randy Reed, Lance Whalen, Sarah Saturday, Reno Bo

Initial State Anthem

Here’s another video I did for Initial State. I did all video and audio production for this as well.

Cold Water - Committed (Major Lazer feat. Justin Bieber & MØ Cover)

I only did the editing for this one, but it was fun. They had shoot this on an iPhone and handed it off to me to make it a little more fun.

Hey Ya (Outkast Cover) - Street Corner Symphony

A quick fun video the guys from Street Corner Symphony and I did together a while back on some of my old gear. Video production here by yours truly.

In The Arms of Your Data

This is a spoof we created at Initial State on the ASPCA commercials in an attempt to save the world from ugly data. All video and audio production by yours truly.

Jeremy Lister - Semicircle featuring Jonathan Lister

Collaboration studio project.

Video Production: Me

Audio: Jonathan Lister